Project's coding

All the programs of the IDsA project are released under a BSD-like license.
Are available :
  • verifperl : a perl resolver.
  • dig-sigchase : a patch to have a DNSsec-aware dig.
  • A patch to solve a little problem when signing NXT RRs.
  • The DNSsecToolKit, which allows to build DNSsec tools and libraries.
  • Ethereal: we've done patches for ethereal to make it more DNSsec aware(decoding of DS records, computing of key id, etc...). These patches are part of ethereal since version 10.0a .
    Since version 0.10.1 ethereal has also the capability to decode RFC2535bis packets(DNSKEY, RRSIG and NSEC), NSD 2.0 and BIND 9.3 exchange such packets.
  • KROd is a tool to perform automatic key rollover. This tool uses the DNSsecToolkit to perform all DNSsec related operations and works with BIND 9.3.
  • IPSECKEY patch: an implementation of IPSECKEY RR for BIND 9.3 (draft-ietf-ipseckey-rr). This patch, according to the draft, allows to store IPSEC public keys in DNS.
  • libsresolv: a library using the BIND libraries/toolkit that performs DNSSEC resolution/validation.